Performance 6 Paddle Clutch  

This clutch kit is a 3 piece kit. Helix 6 Paddle friction disc, uprated organic based cover plate and release bearing. We now use the helix paddle and the organic cover plate. So typically vibration is reduced and you have a much lighter pedal than the conventional organic but utilize the clamping force of the organic cover. We also now use a temporary 0.2mm surface for bedding in purposes which after 200-300 miles means the clutch is ready for full use. So far these have held power upto 420bhp without any issues.

Prices Supplied/Fitted
6 Paddle Clutch (Unit Only - Delivered UK)
6 Paddle Clutch Fitted
We can also get very competative prices on twin plates. We dont offer an organic range yet as I have found the only that works is the Helix Clutch which is circa £1000.